About Alex

"Life's full of awkward moments,
we'll find our rhythm in time" -Alex Kalmar

Alex Kalmar makes music that MEANS something. As the 16 year old founder of the locally successful Rock and Roll Band "The Risen", his story began along a plot line familiar to many young Canadians. The difference between Alex Kalmar and others... is that Alex has persisted at cultivating his talent; opening up Modern Rock flavored musical dialogue about life, love and faith.

As a solo artist with a three piece band, Alex is an uncommonly lyrically mature 21 year old. His musical development along with his entrepreneurial ingenuity (owner of Black Media Artist Management and Production) makes Alex Kalmar an ideal artist to invest in.

Get In Touch

Sound Engineer

I mainly do FOH for bands. I'm the exclusive engineer for Chinese performing artist, YangMeng, travelling with my own Roland M-5000C colsole.

Pro Traveller

Though technically this isn't a career in itself, my work has taken me all over the world. Some favourite places are on the coasts of Asia.


Back in the day, at the age of 16, I played lead guitar in the band I started, The Risen.
Today, I play on occasion.

Recording Artist

In more recent years, I go by the name, Polymath.
I've written a number of songs, but recorded only three thus far. More to come!

Marketing / Design

In college, I studied Graphic Design for Marketing. These days, I put this to use creating advertisements for our family business, KALMARK.

Systems Technician

One of my favourite lines of work is system design and installation. After years working with less-than-ideal sound, I enjoy building systems that work.

Recent Projects

Here are some samples of my work.