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    I've switched back to this old site layout. I like it, but I need to update a few things, now. This bio from 2010, for example. I was 21 when Francois Goudreault scripted it for me.

    As of today, I'm living in Kunming; South-west China. I'm Producer / Engineer for Chinese recording artist, YangMeng. Occasionally, I enjoy integration projects involving audio and staging for small - medium sized venues, as well as providing tour-support for bands in the Yunnan area. July 2015

    Man of the World is taking flight! I'm getting so excited!

    There's so much happening, so quickly- last week I drove down to Barrie to do a photoshoot with Cole Bennett. This week I've started planning a tour for June called the 'Pink Tux Prom Tour', and tonight, or the first time, I played my new song, "Come with me."

    Check out 'Man of the World' on Purevolume.

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    Things are coming together quickly with my Openmic project. With three events each month in Brantford and Paris, there is a solid foundation -now it's time to start building. I'm looking for coffee shoppe's with flavor to host the event in Hamilton, Ancaster, and Cambridge. We guarantee to bring new customers and stir up excitement with an event engineered for success.

    January 2010

    You'll soon be hearing a new band on the radio! They're called, “The Final Act” I've been working on a set of songs now for about 4 months that will be played by this band. After meeting Rod Williams at IAM Studios, I decided to pursue this new music project and leave my solo career for a later date. Stay tuned! You'll be hearing more soon.

    December 2009


    "Life's full of awkward moments, we'll find our rhythm in time" -Alex Kalmar

    Alex Kalmar makes music that MEANS something. As the 16 year old founder of the locally successful Rock and Roll Band "The Risen", his story began along a plot line familiar to many young Canadians. The difference between Alex Kalmar and others... is that Alex has persisted at cultivating his talent; opening up Modern Rock flavored musical dialogue about life, love and faith. As a solo artist with a three piece band, Alex, now 27, is an uncommonly lyrically mature and moving further in his musical development. Along with his entrepreneurial ingenuity (owner of Black Media Artist Management and Production Alex Kalmar is an ideal artist to invest in.

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