Stump Removal

Starnose Excavation
Starnose Excavation

Developing a landscaping business has proven so far to be the single most successful venture of my lifetime thus far.

I’m still young. There is more to come.

The Risen Music

2006 – 2008

Once there was a band. This was where it all began for me. In a band was Jordan Embury, Keith Comer and Sean Schwartzentruber. Paul McKay was with us in the early days. At that time we went by ‘Army of the Risen’. We played at churches schools and halls. We were young and times were good. I turned it into more of a business than a hobby. However, in realizing that I’d have to make a go of it on my own if I were to continue, I decided to pull the plug and start looking to the days ahead.

In that time I met Rod Williams. He became a good friend, one who stood by me on my wedding day, along with Chad Cromwell and my brother Andrew. While working at a studio, I honed my skills in production. Recording studio was run by Gary Kennett.

This lead me to start a production company and later, an event called ‘Openmic‘.