12 Feb 2022by Alex

My Kunming Cottage Apartment

Design, Build Have you seen my apartment? I designed it myself. It was built by skilled craftsmen. You see, in China, when you buy an apartment, you buy an empty box. An unfinished concrete box. H [...]

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08 Nov 2021by Alex

Landscaping & Construction

Yep, that's what I do now. It's been quite the story, actually. It started more than three years ago, and I'm only writing about it now. If you haven't heard, that scrawny musician is now in excav [...]

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13 Jul 2011by Alex


Opposites; as far as far can be. Alex, a Canadian from the North West, found himself in the South East, holding hands with a Chinese lady by the name of 郭哲 GuoZhe (for those who can't pronounce i [...]

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14 Aug 2016by Alex

All the wrong reasons.

I write these songs for all the wrong reasons.I sing these songs to all the wrong peopleI do these things for appreciation,but thats not what you made me for.My lips were made to praise you,My hands [...]

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26 Feb 2017by Alex

A Personal Introduction

The world needs more inventors. We need a new renaissance. Bring back the days when artists were thinkers, not actors; concerned with nothing more than ____. Bring back class. Dress to impress; quali [...]

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